Martha Cecilia Bustamante, Colombian honored by the French Academy of Sciences

Martha Cecilia Bustamante, Colombian honored by the French Academy of Sciences

Martha Cecilia Bustamante de la Osa He is a Colombian national born in the coffee-rich Calarca Quindian city there Among the mountains appeared a starry sky full of beauty and mysteryAnd between the smell of coffee he discovered his passion for the stars as well as for physics.

Her love for science took her to the old continentThere in France, the land of freedom, chosen as her homeland by Marie Curie, one of the most important women of science in history, this talented Colombian decided Unleash your unique ability in astrophysics.

Martha Bustamante devoted herself for 17 years to doing what few wanted to do, delving into the study of A Revolutionary physical theory in the early twentieth century, the woman from Calarca gave her life in academia and research, and she holds a master’s degree in Physics from National Pedagogical University and PhD from the University of Paris VII.

AL´ aude de la Théorie des Quanta (At the Dawn of Quantum Theory), where he salvaged unpublished manuscripts that allowed him to reconstruct that history, for this and various reasons, the French Academy of Sciences She hailed the Colombian as one of the world’s professionals who surpassed her research.

Martha Bustamante was responsible for salvaging the work documents of the French mathematician Emile Borel They were forgotten at the French Academy of Sciences, of which they were a part Rene Descartes, Pierre de Fermat and Blaise Pascal, among other things.

On November 25, 2021, Dr. Martha Bustamante received the award Paul Deusto – Emile Plaut Scientific Information, which is an annual recognition by the Academy to reward those working in science, epistemology, or extension work.

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The award Quindiana received is confirmation of that His work was something very important and important to science, because astrophysical analysis allowed it to be determined that written notes and Borrell’s works recorded the first rough estimates of Quantum physics arrives in France.

It is not easy for a Latin American scientist to stand out in the French field, but a Colombian throws it into the ground with her talent, ability and a lot, but a lot of patience, because He invested 17 years of his life To bring important material to France to advance the understanding that the arrival of quantum physics in the Gallic state occurred earlier than expected.

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