Martha Higareda admits that the performance helped her intimate relationship

Martha Higareda admits that the performance helped her intimate relationship

During this week’s podcast broadcast From all of the lotAnd the Martha Hygareda le confes a Yordi Pink Their intimate relationship with their partners benefited thanks to their work as an actress.

according to PerformersKnowing how to get into character is an art that, after developing it, allows professionals to be different, even in Fantasies Sexual.

When you have a partner, for example, it’s a lot of fun, because you can get into the character and stay with that character and your partner as if he were walking with four.

When the driver asked Hygareda If he had enjoyed it partner Specifically in this type of situation, the actress did not want to answer and end the problem.

Your biggest embarrassment is on vacation

During the show, Martha He further said that during vacation in Playa I entered the sea. Before that, go ahead, I’ll tie the top of the bikini To avoid any kind of accidents.

Suddenly I see from afar some who get to know me and get something about me that should look sexy.

He then narrated that he was having fun inside StreamUntil a moment later, it was washed away by several waves without being able to control it.

First of that Martha The top of the file has been verified bikini He was in his place. When he realizes there is no problem, keep going; However, it took him a few minutes before he realized he had the bottom part of his bathing suit Separated.

“You don’t know the shame that struck me.”


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