MasterChef Celebrity: This is how Loco Montenegro played basketball

MasterChef Celebrity: This is how Loco Montenegro played basketball

He showed his talent on the court and now he’s doing it in the kitchen. The Crazy Montenegro, One of the The participants From the new version of Celebrity Masterchef, Was analyzed as a player by Néstor García, basketball coach. “It was a white player with black race fibersA, he said.

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Their physical classification was not frequent, and their conditions were impressive. He was a player who was extremely good at dribbling and handling the ball. He had a vision for the game, passed the ball, and was supportive. I can play all fiveHe added in a video reviewing his best moments.

“He put on an offer, because of his way of passing, to finish plays. He was a player who had to pay the entrance fee to go see him. I always had good pedigree, It was all terrainMore than two meters And him Qualities like axis, He knew how to stand out in basketball. This is the situation He played 24 matches with the national team, and scored 205 points.

In his career, he scored steps for several clubs around the world, although his position was present 1988, when he was Chosen by the NBA Draft from Philadelphia. He reached the third round He never made a debut in the international basketball elite.

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