Tianwen-1 sends out new images of Mars that are amazing

Tianwen-1 sends out new images of Mars that are amazing

The China National Space Administration has released three new images of Mars taken by Tianwen-1, two in black and white and one in full color.

Tianwen-1 continues to operate in the orbit of Mars. The Chinese mission, sent in early February, has released more pictures of the red planet: they are amazing.

The Tianwen 1 consists of a probe and a rover, and it will descend on the surface next June, but from the planet’s orbit it takes great pictures.

Two of them are in black and white with very high resolution, detailing the planet’s terrain. Meanwhile, another color showing the reddish-orange tones of Mars.

The images were taken with the probe’s reconnaissance cameras and published by the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

Detail of the Martian photos taken by Tianwen-1

Although all the pictures are awesome, the reality of the planet is clearly visible in color: desolate, lonely, and seemingly dead. The pictured space belongs to the Arctic region.

While black and white photos were taken from other vantage points, 330 kilometers from the surface. The resolution of about 0.7 meters allows the camera to detail small craters, hills and sand dunes.

Chinese image of Mars.

The Chinese Tianwen-1 mission is One of the three Which is currently on the red planet, along with Emirati company Al-Amal and NASA’s perseverance.

As mentioned, it will remain in orbit for three months until its landing in June. At that time, you will evaluate the surface and collect data on it. The landing site will be the Utopia Planitia Plain, where NASA’s Viking 2 lander was in 1976.

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The mission is expected to return to Earth by 2023.

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