Match Summary: Necaxa vs. Sivas (1-0). target

Match Summary: Necaxa vs.  Sivas (1-0).  target

A Nexaxa He doesn't believe in anyone 2024 ends He put 'Be still' to Shivas And him The second failed A clash related to matchday 9 of the competition, Liga MX, by defeating them 1-0 at the Victoria Stadium.

The good heaven They are undefeated And this Chivas are now 2 fights without a winBut they haven't dropped since Matchday 2, so the outlook is bright for Fernando Ruben Cago's side, although this is their worst performance since the Argentine took charge of the red and white.

He Guadalajara was Controversially built by Mazatlán FC Again He doesn't know how to win before them Aguascalientes A first-half goal from Tiber Campinto saw them reach their third win of the competition with Eduardo Fentanes on 14 points.

The good heaven have shown that This completion in 2024 brings them all together And they went out home to attack Chivas, finding Juan Antonio Paradela and Ricardo Monreal very dangerous men to the natives.

When was the first one of them out of danger? Parade Received, took the ball on the left wing and finished with a try to assist Monreal Shooting at the targetcausing Raul Rangel's detour Minute 10.

Changing the taper was Clear Until that moment At 15' He outpaced Antonio Briceno, outpaced Alan Moso and shot across the Chivas goal; Two minutes later the same Colombian finished with a header to finish again unbeaten.

How was the destination?

It was up to 28 minutes Changing the taper Able to open the scoreboard and Made it 1-0 In favor of Rayos, a good move down the right was crowned by Monrile, who produced a diagonal and sent the South American to save in the face of a weak mark.

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Necaxa continued and In the 39', Alan Montes took the lead Kick in a corner and the Tala Rangel drowned out his goal cries With a massive crossover.

Before the break, Alan Mozzo sent a cross to Luis Ezequiel Ensign in the 42', and then in the 45', Fernando Beltran received the ball from Roberto Alvarado and sent the ball home.

The Second half Started with a Excellent performance by Chivas. Eric Gutierrez turned on Alvarado, “Piojo” hit him and Ensign saved him down.

Sivas continued and 67', Pavel Perez Retrieved the ball and from afar There was hope with a cross shot that flirted with Tye.

Little by little the rays awakened and it was at Paradela's feet 68' left inside HERIBERTO JURADO And he believed in himself Rangel misses the shot.

The same Baradela tried his goal And in the 70', after leaning on his teammates, he decided to hit the goal went up.

In the 91', Brian Samudio made Rangel work hard Rangel was deflected by a powerful shot, so that there was no great danger, thus ensuring the defeat of Chivas and the victory of Negaxa.

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