There is only one “Top 25”.

There is only one “Top 25”.

AndSpanish basketball is looking forward to landing the new promises that have impressed many in… Training categories (gold in the U-19 World Cup) And in his first steps in professionalism. Naturally, all eyes will be on his future in the NBA, a league that claims and promotes his best talent. but The progress of the season does not bring the same good news For national basketball gems: Only Izan Almansa (Premier League) will be among the top 25 teams He was selected on draft night.

Sub 19 team wins the World Cup.

This is the conclusion obtained from ESPN's forecasts, which, according to specialist Jonathan Givony, tend to be the most accurate. In September 2023, after a summer of eight medals (in both men's and women's categories) in Spanish basketball, there were four young boys in the draft. All in the top 25: Isan Almansa (8), Addai Mara (13), Papa Miller (22), and Juan Nunez (25). In February things change.

Better still Almansa (25 degrees). Also enters the first round Juan Nunez (28) And Papa Miller will be selected, even though he was in last place throughout the entire draft night (50 degrees). Adi Mara He will fall short of expectations and not be drafted by the NBA.

What happens to the Spaniards?

I'm getting better as the months go by

Izan Almansa

There are reasons, the main reason is that they are evolving. But the change with the Spaniards as the months passed is noticeable. The main thing is that they don't end up finding all the subtleties and sensations. Izan Almansa is something more than that, in a G-League tournament that took him to the All-Star Championship. In about 26.7 minutes, he averaged 12.4 points with 7.7 rebounds. He's not as dominant as he is at FIBA, although his role has changed. From superstar to lesser hero. “I'm getting better as the months and weeks go by,” he says. “I'm learning with these people.”

Izan Almansa and the Spanish “boom” in the draft

Juan Nunez doesn't go down often. He is the most consistent player in a highly competitive Ulm side that, for example, recently reached the German Cup final. In the German League, he scored 10.4 points and 4.9 assists, while the national team is counting on his presence in the future. Not in the Zaragoza invitation, but in all future pools.

Papa Miller, from a prime position, to close out the draft. The physicality is incredible, but he doesn't break out individually (7.4 points, 4.8 rebounds) or at Florida State. With athletic doubts (8-7 in the standings, 7 in the ACC). “My strength is defense. I use my arms and body to defend everyone. The main goal is to get to the NBA,” he told Movistar+.

The main goal is to get to the NBA

Papa Miller

Adai Mara imposes 2.22m on her. In the NCAA: High block with UCLA

The biggest downfall is the downfall of Adai Mara. It was a lottery situation and with a decisive playing style he was ostracized by the prestigious UCLA. Only 3.3 points and 2.3 assists, a far cry from her usual appearance. He doesn't play much either (10.4 minutes). Pay for harassment. “I tell all the kids it's hard. So you can quit smoking and go home, or make an excuse, or get better. “You have to look in the mirror,” UCLA coach Mick Cronin said.

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