Match Summary USA vs Pumas (1-1). Goal and half time

Match Summary USA vs Pumas (1-1).  Goal and half time

Team Antonio Mohammed He was a victim at the Azteca Stadium to face the United States One of the candidates to be champion in this Clausura 2023, it scared him in addition to a 1-1 draw to maintain the illusion of being in a replay of this tournament.

Pumas understood their role as a victim group and they waited, He played counterattack against some Eagles They also did not feel embarrassed to see the little importance the competitor wanted.

Mohamed did not succeed in his strategy in the first half and he did not succeed Juan Ignacio Tinenno lost once against Luis MalaconA hero dressed up again.

The Turk lived a different game and he understood that from the bench he had to send a message to his players Go beyond three points And in the interest of that, he was dismissed before the game went to rest.

It’s a tie for the Eagles

The dynamics of the match remained the same in the second half, with the Pumas waiting and the USA trying to open up a rival defending nine footballers. Count again The Cats went ahead on the counter-attack With that they took the lead on the scoreboard with Nicholas Freer’s score.

The joy of being in the lead on the scoreboard didn’t last long for the Pumas, five minutes after a tip from the Argentine defender, Henry Martin celebrates by scoring a penalty.

The varsity team had a chance to win at the end of the game, but They wasted a package And they take it home sharply in front of a hated rival.

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