Max Verstappen gets new permit after incident with Louis Hamilton in Saudi GB

Max Verstappen gets new permit after incident with Louis Hamilton in Saudi GB

Red Bull driver convicted of colliding with Lewis Hamilton and deducted two points from his driver’s license

Max Verstappen Eventually suffered another sentence Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, He was living with Lewis Hamilton when the Red Bull driver slowed down and his rival Mercedes hit him in the back.

In a statement, the FIA ​​reported that the maids “listened to the driver of car 33”.Max Verstappen), Driving car 44 (Lewis Hamilton) And the team representative, after reviewing the video and telemetry evidence, concluded that the driver of the car 33 was mostly at fault.

With this in mind, “At turn 21, the driver of car 33 was instructed to return the car to a position 44, and the board asked him to do so ‘strategically’. At turn 26, car 33 dropped significantly. However, it was clear that no driver wanted to take the lead before the 3 ”TRS detection line.

“The driver of the car 33 said he wondered why the car 44 did not overtake him, and the driver of the car 44 did not know at that point that the car was returning to the 33 position, and the reason for the car 33 was unknown. In deciding to impose a fine on the driver of the car 33, The key feature of the stewards is that the driver of the car 33 suddenly and significantly brakes, resulting in a drop of 2.4G (G-forces), ”the report said.

With this in mind, the commissioners insisted on pointing out the breaking Max Verstappen It is “sudden and erratic.”

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Despite this new permit, Max Verstappen He would finish second in the race, but he was fined two points for his driving license.

Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton They are tied with points at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last date of the calendar Formula 1 Each has 369.5 units and will determine where the 2021 driving championship will be.

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