“Maybe he knew more than I did”

“Maybe he knew more than I did”


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp told a news conference on Monday that he still believed in the Reds’ chances of winning the Premier League title in a clash with Manchester City, keeping the illusion of a historic ‘poker’ title. .

Following on Liverpool’s 5-0 win over Newcastle on Sunday, City extended their lead in the Premier League to three points and increased their lead to four goals for the Reds. Home with Tottenham.

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However, Globe has ruled out the possibility that his side will now focus on the FA Cup final against Chelsea and the Champions League final against Real Madrid on May 28.

“Until we win the title, why should we stop believing? That’s what we do, ”Glob told a news conference ahead of Tuesday’s Premier League match against Aston Villa.

“With three games left, it is clear the league is not over. My concern now is how to win our matches, ”he said.

“In an ideal world you win every game, you’re always in a good mood. Many times we have to respond to setbacks and that’s what we have to do this time,” he said.

City manager Pep Cardiola said he thinks the whole of England should win the Liverpool title.

“Everyone in this country supports Liverpool, the press and everyone,” Catalan said after the win against Newcastle.

Globe confirmed this Monday that he did not have that feeling because of the hostile environment his team usually sees.

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“I don’t know if the whole country supports us. This is not the feeling you get when you go to play elsewhere. It’s really the opposite, but he probably knew more about it than I did, “he said.

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Cardiola responded by saying that the press was in favor of Liverpool: “(Laughter) Many here want us to win the league, but even here it is only 50%. As coaches, after a match we are greatly affected by the games / situations. I said after Spurs (criticized his style of play) … I would not do that. This time it was only my feeling. ”

More about Cardiola: “I do not know if Pep was there after leaving the Champions League and coming to the Liverpool final … I do not know if the whole country supports us. He may have known more than me.

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Cardiola said: “Liverpool have a great history in European competitions.

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