Mazatlan – Necaxa (3-2). The crowd shook at the Kraken Stadium

Mazatlan – Necaxa (3-2).  The crowd shook at the Kraken Stadium

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With a capacity of 40 percent, the The Kraken Stadium Saw a real target party between Mazatlan And the Nykaxa. The locals survived with a 3-2 win thanks to goals Fernando AristigitaAnd the Carlos Vargas’ photo And the Camilo SanvezzoWhile on the water side, Juan Delgado And the Alejandro Zendegas Give her a little life.

Aristeguieta was responsible for opening the scoreboard With the definition of the center by Luis Angel Mendoza W. Bad start for Luis MalagonWho sought to avoid damaging his goal, but to no avail.

Three minutes later, Vargas appeared 2-0. Shot after a corner kick for Mendoza rejected by the warm water defense. Before going to rest, Delgado gave him a little bit of life For Aguascalientes with a cross, he took advantage of Kwik Mendoza rejecting the ball.

Returning to the field, in the 62nd minute, Nykaxa ruled that the superiority he had with him had fallen Wonderful goal from Zendejas. Chivas reviewed the previous rifle from the Crescent.

Thomas Boy Make adjustments with input from Lorenzo Reyes Thus he found the third target, but the cry died with the timely raising of the flag by the assistant Karen Janet Diaz Out of place in a tight game confirmed by the video assistant referee.

But it was just a matter of time, okay A penalty kick in favor of Mazatlan He gave them the chance to 3-2 again and thus he won. Led to a hand inside the area Sanviso To set himself up from eleven steps and meticulously beat Malagon.

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More changes have come, now from the professor. However, Cruz, who fired Danny Lopez on his debut, That was not enough Despite the pressure of visitors in the last minutes, The warships guaranteed victory They added their first three points, skipping Rayo.

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