Medellin City Hall

Medellin City Hall

.: Thanks to the change in the speed limit in the 64C race, the number of road fatalities in that lane decreased by 6%.

.: More than 300,000 people took part in road safety educational interventions, the power system for escalators was improved with solar panels, and 26 electric bikes were purchased for the work of traffic officers.

.: With the opening of the Alhambra for pedestrians, merchants increased their sales by more than 50%. This strategy is part of the implementation of the Center’s Urban Protected Air Area (ZUAP), a first in the country.

Words by Carlos Mario Mejia, Mobility Secretary.1764 KB

During 2021, Medellin was able to reduce the number of road deaths on the most dangerous lane that has historically existed in the city, thanks to the implementation of safer speed. In the 64C race, also known as Autopista Norte, the number of accidents with fatalities has been reduced by 62% since the speed limit has gone from 80 km/h to 50 km/h.

“This strategy is framed in the Vision Zero approach, which Medellín has adopted for road safety strategies. With lower speeds, drivers have a greater ability to respond to potential accidents and there is a greater chance of saving people. On Avenida 80, the speed limit update has also begun to be implemented, and this strategy will continue also in the lanes of other roads”, said the Minister of Mobility, Carlos Mario Mejia.

These types of procedures are supplemented by pedagogical interventions. The Cultural Transformation team has succeeded in influencing more than 300,000 people through activities on public roads, educational institutions, and city events, among other venues.

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The current municipal administration promised to increase the number of traffic officers and complied. In 2021, 50 uniformed personnel entered to enhance road safety and contribute to increased fluid flow.

Likewise, more space has been made for excursions in sustainable modes of transport. In the country’s first urban protected air area (ZUAP), located in the city center, pedestrian walkways were opened in the Alhambra and Pichincha. Positive differences in sales were also achieved in more than 50% of the merchants in this segment. In the Alhambra, for example, more than 70% of merchants reported that they noticed a positive variance in the appearance of their business.

The quality of life has improved a lot, there is no more noise and environmental pollution. Commercial buildings are kept clean, like the strip, allowing people to get closer to do their purchases more calmly and without hasteManuel Rodrigo Castrillon, a citizen who travels through this sector, said.

On the other hand, the first section of the North-South Cycling Route, began with the signing of an agreement to allocate resources for its implementation. In this first phase, citizens will have 1.4 new kilometers of bike path on Las Vegas Boulevard between Yvette University and the border with the municipality of Envigado.

This section will be the first of a total of 14 kilometers that make up the north-south cycling route, one of Medellín Futuro’s strategic projects consisting of linking 23 sections, the main objective of which is to cross the city from north to south, linking it to the municipalities of Belo, Itagui and Envigado and clarifying the rest of the infrastructure network current and projected loops.

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Thanks to an agreement with the Government of Korea, the Center for Integrated Transportation and Traffic (CITRA) has been put into operation, which in one space focuses on different information systems to make better mobility decisions. Within the framework of this project, 31 cameras were installed to monitor movement and 15 monitors for reporting road conditions.

The Ministry of Mobility also converted the power system for the stairs of Commune 13, installed solar panels to operate them, and acquired 26 electric bicycles for the work of traffic officers, especially those who organize and control the movement of the center. In addition, the traffic light network has been restored using location and security strategies that reduce vandalism and prioritize optimal equipment operation for the well-being of all people. More than $3,500 million has been invested in the business.

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