Medellin City Hall

Medellin City Hall

.: Intervention gives priority to pedestrians. New platforms will be built and existing platforms will be improved.

.: The Parque Lleras renovation also includes the planting of 98 new trees and 16,000 plants as a contribution to Ecocity.

.: The investment for this project is $10,000 million.

Words by Daniel Quintero Calle, Mayor of Medellin.607 KB

Words by Natalia Origo Arias, Physical Infrastructure Secretary.1513 KB

In Parque Lleras, a commercial and tourist attraction in the city, work is progressing for its physical and social transformation. The Medellin Municipal Office is implementing a comprehensive intervention to improve 12,889 square meters of public space in which pedestrian mobility, culture, green spaces and spaces for participation are prioritized.

We dreamed of a walkable park, and a park not only for nights but during the day is also a space that allows for exhibitions, and is also a space for restaurants. We designed some roads, made others pedestrianized, but the important thing is that everything was thought with the community and built with the community.Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle said.

In the park, adjacent roads will also be interfered with to form a wider pedestrian circle allowing to visit the commercial area near Lleras, thus connecting to El Poblado main park.

“This is a work that has been insistently requested for many years by the merchants and residents of this sector of El Poblado. From the first day of the administration we listened to them and set out to work to make it a reality. We are building a future and we want the physical works also to promote social recovery in this park, which for decades has been a reference Tourist in Medellin “, Explained the Minister of Infrastructure, Natalia Origo Arias.

The investment for the construction, improvement and maintenance of public spaces in Parque Lleras is $10,000 million and the resources are provided by the Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan District. Work is progressing 3% from implementation.

“This project will completely change the dynamics of Parque Lleras and the El Poblado boardwalk. We will create more public spaces and safe platforms so that we can walk around and enjoy the park, and that is the commitment of the Valle de Abora metropolitan area”Reassures Deputy Director of Projects Entity Maria Camila Salcedo Soto.

The new Parque Lleras will have an open-air theater to facilitate cultural viewing in the area. In addition, according to the Ecocity promoted by the Medellin Municipal Office, 98 new trees and 16,000 smaller plants will be planted. This intervention directly benefits more than 134,000 people.

“We are very happy to start this wonderful work that will be carried out in Parque Lleras. It is very important for our sector, and even for our city, to change what is offered in Parque Lleras. With beautiful spaces, with lots of green space, with many pedestrian areas, it will be our mission Promote healthy and responsible tourismCotelco Antioquia CEO Sandra Restrepo noted.

The business will create 130 jobs and will run until the end of 2022.

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