Meet the BMW concept that can change color

Meet the BMW concept that can change color

(CNN) – The BMW Flow electric SUV concept can change color at the push of a button, from white to gray or black and vice versa in no time. Although it can’t get past grays and still lack subtlety and depth in painting something real, the effect is stunning.

The trick isn’t done with paint, but with a coating specifically designed to fit the SUV’s body panels.

The coating uses the same type of e-ink technology that is used in e-readers. The colored panels were precisely cut to match the shape of the SUV’s body panels, then electrical wires were attached to each section.

The surface of the plates contains millions of small capsules, each containing negatively charged white and positively charged black pigments. Electric currents carry one hue or another on the surface, creating the various shades. Once the color change is complete, the panels maintain their color without the need for additional electrical charging.

The truck can be painted in one color or in different colors in different parts. Even the wheels can change color.

Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Chief Designer, described the BMW iX Flow concept as an “advanced research and design project”.

BMW has not announced any plans to bring this type of technology into a production car. However, the automaker noted certain advantages of being able to change the tone of the car at any time.

First of all, you may like it.

“This gives the driver the ability to express different aspects of their personality or even their enjoyment of exterior change, redefining it every time they sit in their car,” said Stella Clarke, iX Flow project leader, in a statement from BMW. .

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Second, it can make the car more fuel-efficient and more comfortable. On hot days, the white chassis can reflect heat, keeping the interior cabin temperature more comfortable and reducing the need for air conditioning. In contrast, the black construction absorbs more heat and helps keep you warm indoors on colder days, reducing the need for heating and ventilation.

On the other hand, if it hits production lines, the cost of repairing body damage can be as striking as the color effects.

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