Mental health in the workplace How to maintain balance?

Mental health in the workplace How to maintain balance?

Due to the demands that derive from our work activities, we can sometimes load ourselves with stress and insecurity that we normally don’t pay much attention to.

It should be noted that in some cases this can rob us of peace of mind even outside working hours or on days off.

However, it is important to find a balance, because managing high levels of stress, in addition to harming us in the same work activities, will affect our emotional and physical health.

Mental health is vital and we must take care of it, whether you do your work in the office or remotely, as it will help you live a healthier and fuller life.

What is mental health?

This concept includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, which is why aspects such as the way we think, feel and act is attributed to it.

Good mental health will allow us to better manage stressful situations, how we relate to others and make decisions, so applying it in our daily lives will also bring benefits to how we carry out our work activities.

5 tips for taking care of mental health at work

1. Look for different activities in the field of work

This can be a therapy as it generates good feelings and helps you get out of everyday life.

In addition, you will abandon routine to generate a perception of better control and a perspective on life.

Some of the activities that you can do are; Take a morning or afternoon walk, read books, listen to new music, suggest exercise challenges, meet up with friends, and go to the movies during the week, among other things.

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2. Take breaks to meditate

During the working day, it is essential that we take some time to give our mind a break, and this will also help in maintaining a good attitude in the face of the challenges you face during the day.

We recommend taking at least 5 minutes every hour and a half. During this period you can perform meditation exercises, stretch, reflect on your progress, and even thank you for your skills and knowledge.

This will allow you to channel stress and replenish energy.

3. Try to maintain a positive attitude

When we experience difficulty, negative thoughts usually attack us, making us feel tense and making the day seem heavier.

Although we can’t put emotions aside, it’s best not to focus on negative things and when those thoughts come, look for the positive side of each challenge, think of solutions and remember what our goals are.

4. Save time to eat

Something that many people usually do during their meal times is bring some work tasks forward, so it is important that you invest these times in feeding yourself.

It is better to change the environment when you eat your food, that is, do not do this in your work area, look for other environments, this will help you supply with oxygen and distract yourself for a moment.

5. Try to keep your work area tidy

Having an organized workstation will help you generate good feelings, keep your mind clear and thus you will achieve better focus, thus reducing mental fatigue

Make sure your desk is clean and tidy, and keep only necessary tools close at hand.

It is also important to order your digital tools, ie; Keep your computer desktop tidy, delete files you no longer need, organize your email, etc. This will allow your team to perform better, which will avoid stress and increase your productivity.

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