Mental Health Quality – Dia

Mental Health Quality – Dia

HOver time, we possess it so deeply within ourselves that we don’t even notice it. It is on our conscience on a daily basis. But there are days when that time always flies by. In these moments, in dread, we look back. In these moments, the same experiences we had earlier come to mind.

All the promises that have been made start rolling through your head. Often times these are just promises, excuses. At the moment, it is very difficult to face the whole life. This deficit prompts us to apply the magic formula of time to problems. We’ve always heard that time heals everything. Well that’s a partial fact. Yes, it does take time to process things, find problem solvers, and find the right path, but that won’t happen over time. We have to pay.

But be careful, because sometimes we can’t do it ourselves, push with our bare hands. Asking for help makes us shy. We do not want to scare others with our problems, their problems will suffice. Of course, we are willing to accommodate others, eager to help. They say that humans are inherently selfish, but when we have individual mental health at the table, we become completely antisocial and independent beings.

We are in the 21st century, nothing strange anymore. But we cannot feel more uncomfortable in presenting our feelings to others. Young people do not have taboos or so we like to say, but the daily answer to the question: How are you? We have a full mechanism: Good! And you? We are afraid, afraid of what they will say, and no wonder.

Feeling bad seems very costly in society. You cannot feel bad without an apparent reason. How can you be sad if you lead a completely normal life? How, get everything? Also, if you finally decide to open up, they’ll throw you with the usual phrase: Don’t be sad. If it were that simple, life would have been a lot easier. We wouldn’t think of throwing this phrase on a cancer patient, don’t get sick.

The brain is one of our organs, and so are the lungs and liver. Like these, it works by following the laws of biology. Unfortunately, knowledge about the biology of emotions is very limited, and as has happened historically, humans have set a magic mark for what we have not found an answer to. So psychology is not magic, and it is not limited to crazy people. Psychology is the science of our feelings and emotions, and its role is to ensure our mental health.

Let’s take care of our minds and our minds, because we are only giving one life, and the days are too short to let time pass without having fun. Let’s start sharing the problems and normalizing the request for help. After this difficult year, more than ever, let’s declare our public mental health quality public!

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