Messengers between science and religion

Messengers between science and religion

Mexico City.

When Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella cast Luis Gerardo Méndez as a priest who was also a doctor in the series. messengers, I do not hesitate to say yes, since from a young age he lived between two sides: knowledge on the part of his father who was a doctor and religion through his mother who revealed him as a woman who goes to Mass. without fail.

The series, which premieres today on Paramount+, questions whether miracles exist by investigating two Vatican priests, who are investigating a town in Mexico, about extraordinary and wonderful events attributed to God’s intervention. They are Simone Antequera – Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre – and Pedro Salinas (Mendez).

Mendes admitted that Campanella’s invitation was a “small half”, because, as in other projects, he had to convince him that he was the ideal representative of Pedro Salinas.

“They told me at first that the director wanted me for the role and then it was between me and another actor. We had to take a call from Zoom to convince him not to see the other actor and he told me about the topic of the series, as there was a priest who was also a doctor.

“I told him that I grew up in Marist schools in elementary, middle, and high schools, was surrounded by priests, and that my mother was probably the most Catholic woman I know. That lady who goes to Mass every day and takes the second reading, that lady is my mother. On the other hand, my father was a doctor.” and his entire family. Mendes said on the Paramount Forum +

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The Mexican actor declared that his character also has a particular sensitivity to some of the things he was interested in investigating.

“When I was making this character an actress friend gave me an intermediary phone number and someone reading the Akashic Records, for what I hadn’t heard before and what I didn’t believe at the time, so I gave myself a chance to be in sessions with them and it was a very personal process that changed my way of dealing with this Radically side, I found very interesting things.

“I don’t know if it was about supernatural powers or the sensitivity of that person or our suggestion. All of these questions are in the series and an excuse to question the other, because everything that is different from us, we abolish it, we want to oppress it, we crush it,” said Mendez. To learn to listen.”

The actor added that the series shows how he benefits from faith and behind the scenes of the church.

“It raises questions about these stories that we’ve heard a thousand times, that we’ve seen across civilizations, religions, and ideologies that can be very positive as rules or philosophies, but are corrupted by human beings, when someone has a position of strength. What I love so much about the series is that it overturns that” .

Juan Jose Campanella, who directed the tapes The secret of his eyes, Luna de Avellaneda s son of the bride, as well as the series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit s Dr. House, stressed that he needed to return to Argentina, his native country, and tell fairy tales in his own language.

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“In The Envoys, history is a round trip and the twists and turns have to be there. The characters that make us go back are the characters and how they react to such a thing. That’s why there are different investigators and here what’s very important, because between all the characters, there is an emotional connection. Strong unites them or keeps them in conflict, ”explained the director, who shared this situation in the series with Camilo. Antolini, Hiromi Kamata and Martino Zedellis.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, who recreated Reverend Simon Antequera, noted that the plot would keep the audience going until the end of the eight episodes.

“If you are a fan like I am of a film by the same director, The secret is in their eyesor any suspense story, sender It’s a string that will pick you up chapter by chapter, because it has a result you don’t expect.

“The director has a lot of that tone, from two characters like the one played by Luis Gerardo and I, who are completely different priests, who have very contrasting universes, and who end up understanding each other. The viewer will enjoy a lot with this journey as it begs the question: Do miracles exist or not? Does this particular miracle exist?”

Irene Azuela, who recreates Dr. Adriana Cortes, met the director years ago when he recorded the dialogues of Laura, one of the characters in the animated film. metallic.

He concluded, “My character is dedicated to medicine and has lived in the city for many years, so he’s one of those people who takes what happens there for granted, so he and the envoys ask questions that aren’t asked.”

  • The series consists of 8 chapters sender, which will be available December 12 on Paramount +
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