Miami Heat and the three reasons that led them to eliminate the Atlanta Hawks and go to the semi-finals of the NBA playoffs 2022

Miami Heat and the three reasons that led them to eliminate the Atlanta Hawks and go to the semi-finals of the NBA playoffs 2022


The Florida franchise underlined why it was the best team in the Eastern Conference in the regular season, and beat, not without complications, the young team from Georgia. Why did this happen? We explain it in Bulavibe.

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Logic happened. Although the series lasted five games, Miami Heat I advanced to the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference in National Basketball Association (NBA) PlayoffsAfter leaving on the road, Atlanta Hawks 4-1 clear.

The final was played at the FTX Arena, in Florida, where the team from Eric Spoelstra He dominated the actions for a large part of the game, as happened in the midst of a switch between the two, clearing a box Nate Macmillanwhich little can be done to avoid being eliminated.

But in order to clarify and explain why the Miami Heat beat the Atlanta Hawks in Bulavibe We want to review the three reasons that prompted the team Pam Adebayo s Jimmy Butler Knocked out NBA Playoffs 2022 table Bring young.

The 3 reasons why the Miami Heat went to the playoffs semi-finals

Trae Young Annulment

It was the turning point in which the series was taken from Florida The hard defensive work they put into practice against the 23-year-old goalkeeperwho was forced to ostensibly lower his scoring numbers (from 28.4 to 15.4 points) and provoke More transformations (with 30) What is the score? (22) in a tie.

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The expansion of the Miami Heat roster

During the series, the Spoelstra . team suffered Butler Injury And Kyle Lowry Injury; But with that, they managed to outsmart the Hawks, with an income similar to that of Max Strauss or Victor Oladiposend the replacement bench to Duncan RobinsonAdd to Adebayo’s return, and make it combo Very dangerous.

PJ Tucker Agent

The 36-year-old experienced defender, who is used to facing players of even greater individual talent, He made it his job to prevent Atlanta from getting a clean start and prevent Young from looking like he was in the previous playoffs.; The proof that everything turned out as expected is that you currently have the index more less Higher than the entire postseason, with +71.

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