Michelle Salas is breaking her silence about her reunion with Luis Miguel at her wedding

Michelle Salas is breaking her silence about her reunion with Luis Miguel at her wedding

It's been almost six months since I had a daughter Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel, MichelleShe married a businessman danilo carrera, The party attended by “The Sun”, which means reuniting with his eldest daughter.

Before the wedding, there was a lot of speculation about the singer's attendance, especially whether he would fulfill tradition and give his daughter at the altar. When the date finally came, social media exploded, as photos of the artist and model together began to spread.

Despite the time, few details have been revealed about that moment in celebration; But now it is Michelle herself who has broken the silence and revealed her emotional experience with the “La Bikini” translator.

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The young woman was arrested at Mexico City airport by “Despierta América”, and she expressed in front of the cameras that celebrating a new stage with her parents made her feel very happy: “I am very happy, the truth is that everything” and she said: “It was wonderful and I am grateful.” “Very much for life over everything.”

Since it was the first time in a long time that Stephanie and Mikey had met, the designer also revealed that seeing her family together filled her with satisfaction: “Everything was very beautiful, and the truth is that I consider myself very lucky.”

Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas and their mother Stephanie Salas. Photo: via the celebrity's official Instagram.

Regarding the relationship between her famous parents, it is known that Sylvia Pasquale's daughter raised Michelle with her family, as the singer was absent for most of her life. But after Salas expressed in a 2005 interview with Queen that she did not want to feel pity for being Luis Miguel's unacknowledged daughter, “when he found out about me,” he finally admitted to the relationship.

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It seems that all those difficult moments are over. A few days ago, Stephanie spoke about the confession that the singer made to her as a mother, and confirmed that she does not hold a grudge: “Yes! The truth is that I do that. I will not repeat his words, but it is so.” You say it,” she responded at a press conference for the play “Papito Querido.”

In addition, she mentioned that the relationship between Luis Miguel and his daughter, finally, seems to be on a good track, something that leaves her calm: “When you're, you've just turned 54, things are slipping away from you. You have to do it.” “You know that life is intense, and if it's not, it's not life, and everything has to flow that way for it to be positive. When you see that your kids are okay, you give thanks for life.”

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas. Image: official Instagram.

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