WWE. Rey Mysterio cast Big Show: He sent me to the hospital and didn’t call

WWE.  Rey Mysterio cast Big Show: He sent me to the hospital and didn’t call

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He was born in the land of giants Mister King He had to forge his legend in it WWE Despite a significant physical disability, it caused him on many occasions InjuriesBut a little is as painful as the one who suffered from it Big Show and 2003It’s all due to the tendon giant’s little caution.

The Hooks 619 He went to the hospital to A blow to the head Happened because The biggest athlete in the worldWho threw it on one of the ring’s lists Drop it on the face When the little Mexican could not put his hands down because he was tied to a stretcher.

Which – which Fight with Big Show I was done and they were going to take me on a stretcher. What he did not count on was that he would come back, He carried me with the stretcher, strapped to it. He held me and it was as if I took a baseball swing like this He threw me on the circular pillar and when I fell I felt my head burstHe said on his podcast, “I couldn’t get my hands on.” Not about wrestling.

Although what is remarkable at first is to see Mysterio Collision in the shaft attached to a stretcher, The worrying thing was the downfallEspecially if we take into account the difference in sizes between those in San Diego (1.68 meters) and the giant of 2.13 meters.

That strike sent me to the hospitalIt was one of the worst nights of my life because of the pain. If Big Show feels bad? I don’t think so, he didn’t give me an apology or call meBut this is how I grew up in the world of wrestling, in the land of hitting giants as if I was like a high school student. ”

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Rey Mysterio, injured by Big Show

The battle mentioned by the legendary masked man occurred in the event Dell Backlash 2003, in which He was defeated by Big Show With gigantic Chokeslam.

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