Michelle Salas’ wedding: Luis Miguel could have influenced the absence of Sylvia Pasquel

Michelle Salas’ wedding: Luis Miguel could have influenced the absence of Sylvia Pasquel
Sylvia Pasquale did not clarify whether or not she was present at Michelle Salas’ wedding (Photo: Instagram/Vogue)

Last weekend, what was actually called the “wedding of the year” happened in the middle of the show, since their engagement Michelle Salas And Danilo Diaz Granados It succeeded in attracting the attention of the social and entertainment public, due to the importance of its celebrities.

Michelle, although she runs a secret career focused on fashion, is part of one of Mexico’s most important artistic dynasties, in addition to being the eldest daughter of one of the most important singers in the world, Luis MiguelFor this reason, it enjoys prestige and public attention.

It was Saturday, October 15 when my granddaughter Sylvia Pinal He arrived at the altar at Il Burro, an exclusive estate in Italian Tuscany. As mentioned in the programme WindowsThe cost of daily accommodation on site is approximately $300,000, noting that at the wedding they “did their best.”

The ceremony was attended by some family and close friends, who wished the newlyweds success, but the matter attracted attention Absence of Sylvia PasqualeMichelle’s grandmother, who did not appear in any of the official wedding photos published by the magazine Vogue magazine.

Michelle Salas wears three Dolce & Gabanna dresses (Photos: Vogue México)

There is a version that a few days before, while staying in Rome, Pasquale had broken one of his legs, which made it impossible for him to attend his granddaughter’s wedding; However, other versions claim that he shared that special day with InfluencerBut he came with a splint and crutches.

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At the moment, the prestigious actress has neither denied nor confirmed any account, and it is expected that in the coming days, when she returns to Mexico, she will be questioned by the press.

According to what the journalist announced Shanique Berman In a program Excuse mePasquel’s absence in the media link may also be due to To the alleged “rude thing” that happened to him To the famous actress when invited.

According to what was reported by the entertainment channel. Sylvia Pasquale was upset Because he only received an entry ticket to attend the model’s wedding, as the couple wanted to celebrate a very intimate ceremony, in addition to that it was said that Luis Miguel asked that there not be too many guests.

According to the journalist, the restriction was due to the presence of Luis Miguel’s credit: Unicable

“Hey, by the way, Pasquel got hit, she fell… Let’s hope nothing happens to her, this way she won’t get anywhere, as she lost her balance,” said Juan José Origel on the program. Unicable.

For his part, Berman added: “She told me that they only gave her a ticket for herself and did not give her a ticket for a couple.”

“But he’s not taking Sylvia to the wedding… not because they just gave her a ticket,” Shanik said regarding the hairdresser. Sylvia Galvanwith whom Pasquel traveled to various places in Europe since the beginning of October, before the wedding of Michele and Danilo.

Sylvia Pinal was also frequently absent from her granddaughter’s wedding. The singer was unable to travel due to her advanced age (Photo: @sylviapasqueloficial)

“He didn’t take Sylvia to the wedding, they just gave her a ticket, so Sylvia traveled with her across Europe and when they got to the wedding, Pasquale would say, ‘Goodbye, Sylvia, see you at the end of the day,’” her show collaborator Maxine Woodside said. “After three days, whoever goes alone is rude.” Everything for women.

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Likewise, Shanek stated that his new wife’s father was the indirect cause of the “rudeness” to which Pasquel was subjected. “Since they don’t want anything to be known, in case Luis Miguel doesn’t leave, they don’t want it to be known. He wants everyone to believe that he’s already gone, and they haven’t invited many people.” Male caller.

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