Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s coach, offers two reasons why Manchester City are the best team in Europe

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s coach, offers two reasons why Manchester City are the best team in Europe

Michael Arteta ranked Man City the best team in Europe thanks to “the football they play and the consistency of their results”.

City Take the trip to Arteta On Sunday, the Arsenal side will look to cement their lead at the top of the Premier League, after raising them to 10 points in their midweek win over Everton.

This was City’s 17th consecutive victory, with Pep Guardiola The team failed to win in mid-December when they drew 1-1 with West Bromwich Albion.

Their last defeat was in late November, with a defeat to Tottenham, which means City have beaten well and genuinely on a relatively slow start to the season, and former Guardiola aide Arteta was suitably impressed.

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Speaking before Sunday’s match in the Emirates, the Spaniard said that the way City was able to change its shape at the beginning of the season when many were skeptical that they were showing how good their team was, considering that the mark of a good team is to go back after a period of form the way he did By his former team.

He said, “What they did was a reaction to a difficult moment.

“The big team should do it when everyone doubts they can compete again and be the team they are.

Manchester City cemented their position at the top of the league with their routine 3-1 victory over Everton on Wednesday.

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Is the title really theirs?

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“I think they are the best team in Europe at the moment.

“The way they do, the football they play, the consistency of results, take it all and make them the best team.

“So we have a big – but, also, very exciting – challenge ahead of us on Sunday.”

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