Miley Cyrus admits why women prefer men

Miley Cyrus admits why women prefer men

Miley Cyrus Appeared on the show Barstool radio To conduct an interview. During the conversation, the singer discussed her preferences Privacy And why does he enjoy this type of connection with women the most.

It is no secret that the singer “Wrecking ballThey opened up sexually, which she confirmed again when she said that she would love to see the male body which she described as attractive, but added that it does not attract her. Sexually As women do.

“I like the shape, and I think it looks good on the table,” he said, referring to the male body.

Why do you like women the most?

In the conversation, Also an actress She emphasized that it is more than just something visual, she loves being with girls because they feel more comfortable and in control of the situation.

“I felt that the role with women suited me more easily because, even in my relationship with men, oftentimes, I had a more dominant space.”

In 2016, the singer admitted that her first relationship was with a woman and also commented that Duplication It wasn’t her way, because she felt that this situation enveloped her, so he considered pansexual, Which is a term used for people who are attracted to all types Experience Sexual.

“My eyes started to open in fifth or sixth grade. My first relationship was with a girl.”

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