Millie Quezada on the controversial photo of her new look: “Don’t look like me, it’s too chiseled.”

Millie Quezada on the controversial photo of her new look: “Don’t look like me, it’s too chiseled.”

Meringue Millie Quezada admitted that the photo she shared a few weeks ago, in which she was wearing a renewed and different image, for which she was criticized for multiple reasons, “does not look like me and is very refined.”

The “meringue queen” said that she had no qualms about admitting whether she had had a plastic surgery, but said she had not undergone any plastic surgery.

That photo unleashed a terrible disease. Image design. It’s a picture of my participation as a coach on The Voice and that photo was leaked and it’s definitely highly revised by those doing the photo shoot. Comments were unleashed on whether or not I did, ”the artist said, according to a review by Puerto Rican newspaper, El Nuevo Día.

Millie said the photo was part of the “The Voice Dominicama” photo shoot.

They even talked about me that I looked like a mummy, and that it was a mistake… I’ve never done anything for myself and I’m not opposed to getting a little bit of a touch here or there. Image It doesn’t look like me, it’s very retouchedThe singer explained.

In the image in question, Millie, 65, smiling, looked with a modern haircut, by Yodelka Gutierrez, and a fancy dress by Giannina Azar, with Chiara Savignon makeup, in a drastic change under the stylization of expert Keith Estevez.

However, after posting it on her Instagram profile and receiving hundreds of criticisms, the singer deleted the photo.

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