MININT confirms the discovery of the body of the missing Cuban youth in Matanzas

MININT confirms the discovery of the body of the missing Cuban youth in Matanzas

Sources from the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (Minent) The discovery of Alfredo Alejandro Diaz Alemán’s dead body confirmedHe is 22 years old and is fond of diving who was last seen on november 30 In the Paso Malo Channel, located on the Hicacos Peninsula, Matanzas, State newspaper reported geronne.

According to information released by the government press, On Friday morning, the search for Díaz Alemán continued with divers from Coral Buzos, from the command of firefighters and underwater fishermen in the area, who searched “all the heads and the edge of the trees, from (the hotel) the oasis of La Conchita”.

Four members of the county Red Cross light rescue group also left in two boats, one searched in the area of ​​Punta Hicacos to the Gulf of Cardenas, including the two lanes, from Playa Mujeres to the Gulf of Cardenas, while the other ship searched from the Hotel Oasis to the center of Termoelectrica de Varadero.

Meanwhile, divers from Barracuda searched the entire northern coast, Cayo Pedra and Cayo Mono, to a depth of 30 meters, and Others from the Marlin Navy used the catamaran to inspect the area from the Oasis Hotel to Punta Hicacos.

The town’s civil defense authorities confirmed Promote the use of drones and parachutes Searching for the young man.

the last Friday, the search for the 22-year-old began, who was reported missing by the family, after he did not come to their home in the afternoon.

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It is unusual for the Ministry of Interior and the official press on the island to report such cases.

authorities Civil Defense They reported that Diaz Aleman did not go fishing. The young man did not carry any fishing gear with him. He went to the area to practice apnea. He was between 25 and 30 fathoms.

Despite the call on social media to start the aerial search, specialists from the working group said that it was “not common or logical in these circumstances, due to previous events of this kind, and the coastal appearance of the area.”

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