Summary of the Barcelona vs Betis (0-1) match. Goals

Summary of the Barcelona vs Betis (0-1) match.  Goals

Mexico City /

At the same time Barcelona Excelled in the field The real Bettis had strength In the nets and at the last minute, it was necessary to pierce the Mexican team Andrew saved And Diego Lines Xavier hit the box with one 1-0 thanks to Juanmi for the action.

This failure goes down in history Lalika Spanish For many reasons. One of which is for the first time, Since 2002, Betis has gone barefoot against the Blackronas, Verdiplanco’s beat the Catalans 3-0 that year. Xavi completed 100 matches in the local Spanish competition.

Gave a move at the helm Manuel BellegrinI am happy with the goal. Sergio Kenells took the ball to the areaI look forward to a colleague and visit to the center Juanmi overthrew Der Stegen.

In which a competition Andrew saved He was a starter and had full confidence in the Canals and Juanmi in his absence Nabil Fekir By yellow accumulation. Linas started on the bench with no chance. Second, Service Chose to retire Gerard Pique, Had to enter the final part of the match.

Emotions concentrated in the second half. Juanmi made the first tragic call The target was canceled outside 51 ‘.

Already in the final stages, The winger saw his reward with the goal To provide the project Service His first defeat after two wins and a draw.

With this conclusion, Bedis is third in La Liga and Barசாa is out of European positions Just 23 units and 36 points less than 30 of his rivals this Saturday Real Madrid, Leader of the competition.

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