Miriam German is launching investigation against Donald Guerrero and Simon Lizzardo for corruption, embezzlement and fraud

Miriam German is launching investigation against Donald Guerrero and Simon Lizzardo for corruption, embezzlement and fraud

Attorney General Miriam Germain Britto is leading an investigation into corruption allegations against former Finance Minister Donald Guerrero Ortiz and former Director General of Banco de Reservaas, Simone Lizzardo Mezquita.

This was reported Tuesday by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic in a statement, stating that German Britto led the questioning of Guerrero Ortiz on Monday.And the investigation of accusations of wrongdoing in an affidavit of assets, gathering of criminals, alliance of officials, embezzlement, fraud against the state, forgery of public documents, and money laundering of administrative corruption crimes.

Alongside the Public Prosecutor, there were investigating judges Yeni Bernice Rinoso and Wilson Camacho, in charge of the National Directorate of Persecution at the Public Prosecution Office and the Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca), who was also involved in the interrogation of Guerrero Ortiz.

The former Minister of Finance was summoned tomorrow, Wednesday, While Lizardo Mézquita should appear against Pepca this Tuesday.

The work of the Public Prosecution is based on a public complaint from the President of the General Budget Bureau, José Rijo Presbot, who has warned of the irregular payments to contractors, which occurred in the final stage of the efforts of Danilo Medina (2012-2020), amounted to about 21,000 million pesos.However, the Public Prosecution Office stated in its statement that the investigations extended to other incidents.

The aforementioned amount included 11,000 million pesos to pay the hot asphalt concrete, then the Ministry of Public Works and Communications contracted with the road paving plan.

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The Public Prosecution conducts a comprehensive investigation of all acts punishable by law, including the interrogation of the various persons mentioned in different cases.

For this week, the Persecution Directorate and Pepca are set to continue questioning various officials in the accounts room. Juan Carlos Ventura, who has been investigated in the corruption case against his ex-wife Kinsberly Taveras Duarte, former Minister of Youth, will also be questioned..

The statement highlights that the Persecution Directorate and BEPCA have already, under the direction of the Deputy Prosecutors General Reynoso and Camacho, have filed charges of administrative corruption in the Pulpo case and are preparing to engage in the misappropriation of public funds in the capital’s office. Bus Service (OMSA), linked to the murder of attorney Juniol Ramirez Ferreras.

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