MLB-White Socks Firman Al “Odani Cubano” Oscar Colas

MLB-White Socks Firman Al “Odani Cubano” Oscar Colas

The White Socks de Chicago Signed Oscar Tails, He is considered the “Cuban Otani” because he can pitch and hit on a professional level.

Colas has been the “word” since 2021 to sign on this date, with some teams such as the New York Mets, the Miami Marlins and the Chicago Cups interested in Cuban’s services.

The signing ended at about $ 2.7 million, which is believed to be the best offer from other teams, however, with only one goal.

Oscar Colas stands out for being an elite outfielder and a consistent hitter, moreover, he is a regular pitcher from a mound very close to Ohtani.

Oscar Tails According to experts, the 22-year-old, who is 220 pounds and 6’1 tall, has a second best chance in the 22nd class, where he signed with the Miami Marlins but failed.

The Chicago White Sox Farm has a very good reputation with Cuban players such as Alexei Ramirez, Jose Abrew, Louis Robert and Joan Moncata.

Cubans are once again beginning to excel in international organizations, leaving their homeland in search of their own dream, relying on acquaintances and pursuing their own dream.

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