Model Demi Rose rejoices the delicious taste of bananas!

Model Demi Rose rejoices the delicious taste of bananas!

Sensual and beloved British model Half a rose He left most of his fans dazzled, because apparently he didn’t share content similar to this, he decided to upload some pictures to his Instagram while eating a banana.

Half a rose She is famous for having a figure with gorgeous curves that she is not afraid to show off in front of her followers, who are always happy to see her in her gorgeous outfits, and very small swimsuits, especially on the few occasions she has been exhibited in nature that can be seen as a work of art.

Through her official account on the young girl’s Instagram big success We have been delighted by the 25-year-old on more than one occasion with his publications that, after a while, or rather a certain number of posts, tend to eliminate some of them, perhaps with the aim of keeping his fans waiting for him. That you can share, so that they are constantly aware of what you share and ready to engage with the moment.

The thing that caught the attention of his recent posts is that he was writing his descriptions in Spanish just as he did the most recent one, you might not know but Half a rose She knows how to speak Spanish fluently because she is of Colombian origin, so her parents, in addition to teaching her English, have learned to speak Spanish.

In her latest post, she decided to share three attractive photos in which she appears seated above what appears to be her integrated kitchen, wearing and promoting a well-known clothing brand, at the same time cheering her taste buds with bananas, in other places known as bananas, there is no doubt that despite that Half a rose Doing something very simple to make your fans fall in love.

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If you want to see pictures of the British model click here.

With a pink cotton fabric top plus the bottoms that accent her waist more, Demi Rose has drawn millions of fans with these suggestive images.

Well, the best thing is, “Bite her, love don’t be shy, make your love plan for juices,” some netizens wrote, “You’re Beautiful.”

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This is not the first time that Demi Rose has attracted the attention of millions of her fans (she has more than 15 million 700 thousand), she is one of the Internet personalities with the largest number of followers, of course there are other celebrities who excel at her a lot, but in the union she belongs to It is one of the most famous guilds.

Currently, social networks maintain a large number of influencers and models from all over the world, however, only a few personalities manage to stand out above the others, among them Half a rose, Who, thanks to her personality and posts, managed to make Internet users fall in love and always leave them wanting to see more, because besides everything, she is usually a little reserved, but on several occasions she has shared something of her daily life with us.

One of the few things we know about the British model is that she is a dog lover, she has a pet that she adores, that she shows us at every opportunity in her networks, and is also a woman who loves to read, especially when it comes to meditation. .

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Some of the data we know about her was thanks to her Instagram stories, which despite being deleted after 24 hours, some of her followers were able to rescue and share the content.

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