Moderna ensures that its booster dose is effective against Diario Express variants

Moderna ensures that its booster dose is effective against Diario Express variants

The modern pharmaceutical company confirmed on Wednesday that the booster dose it is testing to deal with coronavirus variants from South Africa and Brazil has yielded promising results, as it increases the presence of antibodies that neutralize these mutant viruses.

Moderna refers to a clinical trial still in progress, where it indicates that a 50 mcg dose of the vaccine has been used in individuals who have already been immunized.

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Additionally, the company reports that a booster dose of another vaccine it developed, called mRNA-1273,351, elicited a better immune response than its current vaccine against the South African variant.

The preliminary results, which Moderna will publish online, have not yet been reviewed by other scholars.

Moderna CEO said in a statement: “As we strive to defeat the current epidemic, we remain committed to staying active as the virus evolves.” Stefan Bansel.

He added: “These new data are encouraging, and support our confidence that the enhanced dose strategy should protect against these newly discovered variants.”

Moderna also indicated that the side effects of this stimulant are similar to those seen after the second dose of its vaccine, including injection site pain, fatigue, headache, and muscle and joint pain.

Moderna news comes shortly after scientists and pharmaceutical companies confirmed that people will likely need a booster shot or annual vaccine for Coronavirus, similar to the flu vaccine that is given every year.

According to a report published by the United States’ Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC, in English), the country expects cases of covid-19 infection to increase throughout May due to the presence of a variant from the United Kingdom, before dropping dramatically in July, when it is expected. To take effect of the massive vaccination campaign.

“We see that our vaccines protect against contamination of the variants that are spreading in the country. Simply, the more people who are vaccinated the sooner possible, the sooner we can return to normal life,” the doctor explained. Rochelle Wallinski, Director of the CDC, at a press conference.

United State It is the country most affected by the Coronavirus, with more than 32.5 million confirmed cases and nearly 579,000 deaths, according to an independent tally from Johns Hopkins University. EFE

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