Monkey flu cases in Puerto Rico raise to 50

Although Department of Health JYNNEOS has already received at least 2,807 doses of the vaccine. Monkey diseaseOnly about 138 people in Puerto Rico have received their first dose, At the time, the agency reported five new cases, raising the number of infections to 50.

At this time, health policy included vaccinating those diagnosed with the virus, those who had been in close contact with them, and health professionals treating possible cases of so-called ‘monkeypox’.

Currently, according to the Health Portal: There are about 14 centers where the JYNNEOS vaccine is administered: Ararat Center (San Juan and Ponce), PRConcra (San Juan), CLETS (San Juan) Comprehensive Health Center (Toa Alta), Centro Primary Services (Batias) , Family Hospital (Luquillo), CPTET (Caguas, Bayamon and Arecibo), Niomet (Juncos), Migrant Health (Mayagüez), Doctors Associados del Noroste (Moga) and Atlantic Medical Center (Barceloneta).

The Secretary of Health, Carlos Melloto, told reporters yesterday Friday that the unit he directs intends to launch an “aggressive campaign” of the vaccine against monkey fever, whose main symptoms are fever, muscle aches and skin rashes or sores.

According to Melloto, the pace of the process “will advance to the point where we vaccinate, and they will give us more vaccines, as happened initially with Covid. Currently the health department has a good surveillance system except for covid and all the patients have been vaccinated (for monkey flu) and we are following them.

The second dose of JYNNEOS vaccine should be given 28 days after the first. As Health explained, the federal government provides additional doses if jurisdictions administer 90% of the vaccines.

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So far no one has been hospitalized due to the virus in this country.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31,799 people worldwide have been infected and 12 have died.

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