Montes, the athletes stop at the Yankees fort

Montes, the athletes stop at the Yankees fort

Auckland, California – Just minutes after the first loss of more than two weeks, Aaron Judge and the Yankees wanted to look forward.

New York’s longest winning streak in more than 60 years ended on Saturday 13 against Frankie Montas, who included seven non – scoring innings as the Auckland Athletics won 3-2.

“One failure is one failure. It’s time to start another fort. That’s it,” the judge commented. “We haven’t done the job, so it’s time to turn the page. These victories showed what our potential is. This team has a lot to offer. “

Matt Chapman scored a home run to end the Yankees’ best fort in almost 60 years. The Athletes lost six games in a row in 10 of 12 games before the Yankees suffered their first defeat since August 12 after losing to the White Sox in Chicago.

New York is close to extending its good flow.

It trailed 3-0 in the ninth inning when Anthony Risso reached the base with an out single. Following Judge Sergio Romo’s 29th home run.

But Mexican relief forced Giancarlo Stondon to hit the balloon and retired Joe Gallo with the groundball for his first save since last year.

The Yankees’ series is the best since 13 consecutive wins in September 1961, backed by Mickey Mantle and Roger Marys. In 1960, they had 15 wins, and in 1947 they registered the title with 19.

“I don’t know how you can do better against that fiery team,” Oakland manager Bob Melvin said. “This guy was good from the start and he gave us the fantastic performance we needed. Maybe this will be his best start of the year.

Cuba’s Nasturtium Jordas Jr. (2-2) allowed two runs in the second inning.

Yankees, Gary Sanchez 3-0. Venezuelan odor 3-0. Colombia Geo Urshela 1-0.

For athletics, Dominican Starling Marte 4-0.

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