Motagua ditches Marathon and does not give Olympia a truce in the middle of the group – Dees

Motagua ditches Marathon and does not give Olympia a truce in the middle of the group – Dees

Motagua He returned to eat his prey. The Blues, without disheveled, won 2-0 comfortably in MarathonWho never stops thinking about it Closure – 2021. Hector Vargas’s worst tournament with Emeralds.

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The Blues did little to win the already contested three points with a presence Diego Vasquez In the technical field after playing six suspended matches. Goals from Roberto Moreira s Marco Tullio Vega, The latter tired of observing the sambadranos, the units stayed at home and the DC team kept adding the schedule.

It was a very important match for the Feathers because Olympiad He had added three before Real de Minas In a game that was played long before, so the Blues had to beat their rival in the service in order not to be separated in their battle to fight for the lead against Albo.

It was a gray match. Without much emotion, especially with regard to what the marathon suggested, which does not generate a game and in the event of an attack it is practically nothing. Matthias Galvaliz Approached 29 after launching a grenade that passed over the green target.

However, in the 40th minute the first goal appeared. Roberto Moreira He won by air and headed to the indulgence sign Mathias Tichira s Carlos GarciaFirst decree, this is a beautiful center for Colocho. Walter Martinez.

Hector Vargas He wanted to rebuild in the second half and got in Wilmer CresantoAnd the Edwin Solany s Kevin HoyosHowever, it was extremely impossible. Motagua It is well stopped in the lowland area and leaves no voids.

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The second winning goal sealed it Marco Tullio Vega With a nice goal in 52. “Sonaguera” greeted the area with his back to the frame and with some kind of an aerial shot set his fourth goal in the tournament which proved to be the striker at his best. Motagua.

Technical data for MOTAGUA Marathon 2-0

Motagua Assortment: Jonathan Roger Juan Pablo Montes, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos; Diego Rodriguez, Kevin Lopez, Hector Castellanos (Juan Delgado 82 ‘), Walter Martinez (Oscar Garcia 70’), Matthias Galvález (Evan Lopez 74 ‘); Marco Tullio Vega (Gonzalo Closiner 70) and Roberto Moreira (Jesse Moncada 82).

Alternates: Marlon Licona, Fabricio Galindo, Omar Elver, Arnold Alvarez, Elmer Goetti, Oscar Garcia, Juan Delgado, Byron Mendes, Jesse Moncada, Evan Lopez, Joshua Villafranca, Gonzalo Clusiner.

Objectives: Roberto Moreira 40 ‘, Marco Tullio Vega 52’.

Yellow cards: Hector Castellanos.

Red cards: It was not.

Marathon lineup: Dinovan Torres; John Paul Suazo (Wilmer Cresanto 46 minutes), Matias Techera, Carlos Garcia, Luis Vega; Emilio Isaguere, Mikel Santos, Sylvin Guevara (Yaudel Lahera 62 ‘), Brian Castillo (Ryduan Palermo 68’, Marlon Ramirez (Kevin Hoyos 62 ‘); Carlo Costley (Edwin Solano 46’).

Alternates: Luis Ortiz, Moises Moutinho, Christian Moreira, Wilmer Cresanto, Yudel Lahira, Kevin Hoyos, Edwin Solano, Redoan Palermo, Geoffrey Miranda.

Objectives: It was not.

Yellow cards: Sylvain Guevara, Emilio Isaguere, John Paul Suazo, Carlos Garcia.

Red cardsBy: Mathias Tichira.

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