“Monchu is the captain of this team.”

“Monchu is the captain of this team.”

Every winning person, company, franchisee or group always has someone by their side who enables them to bring out their best and become the best version of themselves possible.

to Bayamon Cowboyswho are currently the franchise with the most championships in National Basketball Superior (BSN), with a total of 17 awards, that great presence that accompanied and supported them through their ups and downs for four decades, nothing more and nothing less than “Moncho”.

“Moncho”, who has Down's syndromeHe started working for the Vaqueros at the age of 11 in 1982, and to the present, at the age of 53, he continues to work for the team, providing them with energy and helping the coaching staff and players with towels, refreshments and more. Most importantly, support them regardless of the outcome of the match. The Bayamo native also traveled with the Puerto Rico national team to several countries to perform his duties in FIBA ​​and Olympic competitions.

Ramón 'Moncho' Loubriel has been with the Vaqueros from the days of Rubén Rodríguez and Jerome Mincy to the present Javier Mojica, Ángel Rodríguez and Ysmael Romero. (Carlos Rivera Giusti)

Nelson Colon, who currently serves as manager of the Vaqueros and the Puerto Rico national team, spoke about how important it is Oscar Ramon Lubriel Flores It's for the team.

“For me personally and in the seven years that I've been with this organization, Moncho has been a privilege as a human being. The atmosphere, the passion, the way Moncho experiences that and being a part of the success of this franchise for over three decades that he's been with this team, it's really a very nice thing.” “I have a very nice relationship with him and I feel happy that I am able to participate with him in raising awareness about Down Syndrome,” Colon said when talking about the brother of the late Juan Ramon Lubril, to whom the Vaqueros team dedicated Wednesday’s match in a month.

Leveraging Moncho Lubril's recognition, MSC has contributed ,000.00 to the Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation.
Leveraging Moncho Lubril's recognition, MSC has contributed $1,000.00 to the Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation. (BSN)

“For Monchu, all wins are good. He is very excited for tonight. He knows that he is loyal to him and that the fans are involved with him. It is another gift of life that we are giving you tonight,” the captain added.

Another face known and much loved by Bayamon fans, the goalkeeper Javier MujicaHe also had some emotional words for his great friend, whom he considers like family, the great Moncho.

“Moncho means everything to this franchise. For me, Monchu is the leader of this team. Whenever he arrives he brings such joy, he always has a smile on his face and is a man who gives love and affection. He knows a lot about basketball, he's been around legends for many years and if he sees me playing bad he comes to me to give me advice. Moncho, at the end of the day, is my brother and I consider him like my family. You see people with Down Syndrome who say they can't do much, but Moncho does it all. For us to see him with enthusiasm and a desire to do so many things, it gives us a lot of energy as a team.

At the conclusion of the night, the former major league catcher and Cowboys manager, Yadier MolinaHe wanted to add to the wave of affection given to Moncho on his night.

“Moncho is the city of Bayamon and we love it very much. He has had great moments with us, he has won trophies with us and what he represents motivates us to go out on the field and give everything,” said Marciano.

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The Bayamón Vaqueros did everything they could to get the victory last night, dedicated to Loubriel Flores, and were able to overcome the Carolina Giants 100-97 in overtime, at the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum. Booster Quentin Peterson added 34 points to put the quintet on the winning side.

Moncho Loubriel has been with the Vaqueros since 1982.
Moncho Loubriel has been with the Vaqueros since 1982. (BSN)

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