Motagua regained his memory and did so by describing the beating of Honduras Progresso-Diez

Motagua regained his memory and did so by describing the beating of Honduras Progresso-Diez

Motagua gave Honduras Progreso the hand and returned to victory path at Clausura 2021. “Chino” Lopez and Roberto Moreira sent a duo.

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The blue team began to dominate from the start of the match, and Kevin Lopez was a nightmare on the right wing and the winger dealt damage until the first goal of the match fell.

After the hand of Jairou Puerto near the “Choloma” area executed a free kick, his shot hit the body of Roberto Moreira and thus the striker opened the scoring in the 21st minute.

Motagua dominated, but at the age of 33, a mistake by Christopher Melendez on Uni Dolmo on the right wing made Honduras Progresso tie everything.

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A cross from Oscar Salas was shot by Rafael Agames, and the goal came after no one in the hurricane defense was able to reject the ball and striker Roger shot, who had no reaction.

After just five minutes (38) Ivan Lopez gave Motagua the lead once again at the national stadium.

“Chino” Lopez and Roberto Moreira scored a double against Honduras Progresso on the national stadium. Photo: David Romero.

“Chino” was in front of Jose Mendoza’s frame after a header from Moreira and the striker did not roar and scored 2-1.

Motagua went out in the second half to eliminate Honduras Progreso, and it was achieved in moments with another goal by Evan Lopez, twice.

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A shot from Jonathan Roger reached Kevin Lopez, who quickly left the visiting defense “bounced” and helped Chino define.

Rafael Agamez also scored two goals, in the 58th minute the Colombian took advantage of the rebound ball and the left foot left without options to cover Roger and announced the result 3-2.

“Mummy” Fernandez entered the exchange for Kevin Lopez, scoring a goal and assisting in a 5–2 win.

Roberto Moreira was again present on the scoreboard at the age of 70 and he also made a duo after a superb pass from “Momma” Fernandez who left him alone to turn the score.

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Carlos Fernandez declared himself “the little hand” in the match, and the winger came to the head from Diego Rodriguez cross to the final 5-2 victory over Honduras Progreso.

Technical data for the match

Motagua: 19. Jonathan Rogier, 35. Christopher Melendez (Marcelo Santos 45), 17. Wesly Decas, 2. Juan Pablo Montes, 18. Diego Rodríguez, 16. Héctor Castellanos, 34. Kevin López (Carlos Fernandez 68), 8. Walter Martinez (Matthias Galvallese 75), 7. Evan Lopez (Marvín debvila-debutant-76 ‘), 21. Roberto Moreira and 53. Eduardo Areola (Jonathan Nunez 45).

Objectives: Roberto Moreira 21 and 70 minutes, Evan “Chino” Lopez 38 and 49 minutes, Carlos “Moma” Fernandez 74 minutes.

Yellow Cards: Christopher Melendez 32 ‘and Hector Castellanos 57’.

Red cards: he was not there

Honduras offers: 3. Jose Mendoza, 5. Jose Queiroz (Edwin Maldonado 54), 24. Brian Johnson, 6. Gairou Puerto, 8. Eduardo Rotunde, 9. Raphael Agames, 17. Arnaldo Urbina, 20. Jose Barreto, 26. Oscar Salas (Marcelo Canales)47. Uni Dolmo (Julian Martinez – Roberto Diaz, 76 minutes) And 33. Oscar Gonzalez.

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Objectives: Raphael Agames 34 and 58 ‘

Yellow Cards: Jairo Puerto 77 ‘.

Red cards: he was not there

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