Motive’s EA Series Revival Is Supposedly a Dead Space Remake

Motive’s EA Series Revival Is Supposedly a Dead Space Remake

GamesBeat reports that not exclusively will this restoration be a Dead Space redoes, yet it’s anything but a revamp in the vein of Capcom’s new Resident Evil changes. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grub originally prodded back in March that EA Motive was chipping away at a “set up IP,” which has since been verified by Eurogamer. Following that in a later stream, Grubb said this EA Motive-created game would be uncovered at the July 22 EA Play Live exhibit. The hypothesis of what this game could be increased before long and generally arrived on Dead Space. 

To a limited extent, this was because of Grubb saying, “We will see it if we’re not dead first.” Now, today, Grubb has revealed that EA Motive’s down is, indeed, Dead Space, and it’s anything but a Dead Space revamp. The report says that EA Motive is taking notes from Capcom’s new Resident Evil changes. Like their generally acclaimed Resident Evil 2 Remake from 2019, fans can anticipate the following Dead Space, apparently the revamp to utilize the first Dead Space as a “solid foundation.”V 

The game ought to have present-day visuals and is required to highlight new ongoing interaction mechanics pulled in from ensuing sections past the first in the Dead Space establishment. If EA Motive deals with a Dead Space redo, all signs highlight an uncover during the July 22 EA Play Live advanced grandstand. 

The studio’s last delivery was Star Wars Squadrons, which likewise became its first significant game created in-house. Following that delivery, the studio affirmed that its next undertaking would be “something pretty extraordinary” and not identified with Star Wars.

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Nonetheless, EA Motive has a few tasks underway, so the “something pretty unique” depiction could be tied in with some different option from this supposed Dead Space remake, although a Dead Space revamp could be exceptional, correct? 

While holding on to realize what EA Motive’s supposed recovery is, look at our musings on the first game in IGN’s Dead Space audit and afterward read what we needed to say about its continuations, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. Look at this tale about how Dead Space 4 was wanted to have a female hero and open-world plan after that.



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