Murtha Vasquez’s call in the middle of the vaccine

Murtha Vasquez’s call in the middle of the vaccine

(CNN Español) – “Vaccination” is causing a sensation both outside and within Peru. The president of the Peruvian Congress, Murtha Vásquez, called for stability to be maintained in this transitional time so that governors could be elected in the upcoming elections. Vásquez’s statements appear in the midst of the crisis the country is experiencing due to the scandal in which more than 480 people participated, Including several ministers and a former president, They were vaccinated infrequently.

In an interview with Fernando del Rincon, Murtha Vásquez said he believes the exclusion should be one of the measures in place against people who have been secretly vaccinated against the Coronavirus before the official campaign begins in Peru.

Vásquez confirmed to CNN that the attorney general’s office expanded the preliminary investigation into “vaccination” and included former ministers Pilar Mazzetti and Elizabeth Astetti of concussion crimes, inconsistent negotiation or improper use of position.

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Fallout from the vaccine scandal

The Peruvian Bishops’ Conference was one of the last institutions to reject the scandal. According to the bishops, the irregular vaccination of many high-ranking officials “shows a new face to the monster of corruption and the moral and value crisis that impedes the real achievement of justice and the development of the country.”

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The Episcopal Conference also stressed in that statement that “it is not possible for the death of doctors, nurses, policemen, public officials and many other volunteers while an insensitive group seeks its own benefit.” That is why they demand impunity.

On the other hand, the People’s Labor Office put forward a proposal asking the 130 members of Congress to undergo an examination to see if they have been vaccinated.

They want to apply the same procedure to the heads of the Ombudsman’s Office, the Presidency of the Supreme Court or the Office of the Prosecutor, among other institutions, as well as all ministers in office, as of July 2020.

The goal is to rule out that they would benefit from Sinopharm vaccines that have been administered outside of clinical trials.

The committee that will investigate the scandal has been appointed Thursday in Congress.

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With information from Fernando Del Rincon

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