‘My heart’: Canelo Alvarez apologizes to his wife after flirting with Lucero? (Photo)

‘My heart’: Canelo Alvarez apologizes to his wife after flirting with Lucero?  (Photo)

in the last days sayCanilloAlvarez The trend in social networks was due to his appearance at the Value Grupo Empresarial inn where he was very happy to give a flower Lucero Then he performed the song “Eso y Más” written by june Sebastian for the singer.

As if that was not enough behind the scenes of the event, the two stars exchanged words and even took some pictures that were circulated on social media. Looking at this, the boxer declared that he had always been a fan of Lucero, so he could not hide his happiness.

sings to lucero

This fact caused an uproar among the athlete’s followers, and some claimed that he had forgotten his wife for a moment. Fernanda GomezIn the presence of the translator “Quintham”. However, others saw this as an act of simplicity and humility on the part of the world champion.

This event was organized by a businessman Carlos Bremerin honor of his participation in the programme.Shark tank‘, which he was also present at Manuel Megaris, ex-husband Lucero, who also took the time to exchange some opinions withCanillo“.

Share the picture with your wife

Despite media coverage of his presentation at the event, say Alvarez No subsequent statement was issued. Especially because of the comments he claimed was flirting with her Lucerto On stage, which did not happen but was widely cited on social networks.

It was until Thursday this citizen GuadalajaraAnd Jalisco, he shared a photo with his wife accompanied by the phrase: “The owner of my heart,” which put an end to the speculation. At the same time, Fernanda Gomez The post captioned, “I love you so much from the heart, my heart forever.”

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