Mystery surrounds the inauguration of the new Legislative Council on May 1

Mystery surrounds the inauguration of the new Legislative Council on May 1

The elected representatives in the new legislature assured that nothing will be done as stipulated in the internal legislative bylaw.

Five days before the new association for the period 2021-2024 takes office in the Blue Room on May 1; Both the deputies and the re-elected administrative employees of the first state apparatus are concerned about their complete ignorance about how the new parliamentary blocs will be implemented.

Arena deputy, Norman Quijano, says he ended 7 terms at the helm of the assembly and has never seen a similar situation breaking the law by not respecting bylaws that dictate guidelines that must be followed for a process to install a legislature.

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An internal regulation is the law of the republic. The new president of the association, I understand that he will hold his private session and will be inaugurated on the 1st of May. I would say that it is a very disturbing situation, because it is not only against the legal aspect, but with what happened. It was a tradition to respect the bylaws of the installation, ”Coijano stated.

The newly elected representative of the New Ideas party, Ernesto Castro, who has appeared as a possible president of the Association for the next term, responded to Quijano’s comments.

“The people did not choose us to give continuity to the“ traditions ”of this political class. They elected us to completely change the legislative work. Castro posted on his Twitter account“ We are on the right path, ”in which he posted a video of Quijano with his expressions.

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How the installation will be developed on May 1 is an expectation from all association employees as well, as they have not been informed of the guidelines to follow, bearing in mind that there are only a few days left.

The former Culture Minister and now-elected MP for the New Ideas Party, Suecy Callejas, expressed in a TV interview with TCS that although on the same day May 1 they will form a preparatory committee and will implement the protocol work as required by the constitution, there will be no law. General, and this will be done without “guests who are not part of the association, and there will be no party or cocktail”.

Nidia Diaz, Chair of the FMLN faction, explained that the entire procedure for inaugurating the new assembly is detailed from Article 5 to 10 of the bylaws, while lamenting that the majority party New Ideas had not invited them to a preparatory committee.

“You will see how this is done. On May 1, we will be present for our parliamentary group,” Diaz said.

The president of the outgoing assembly, Mario Pons, of the NCP, said that since Nuevas Ideas has a qualified majority of 56 votes, it can decide what to do and what not to do.

“The official party got 56 votes, what it might need to negotiate, let’s say with the rest of the parties to establish the fixation, they might end up ignoring what the bylaws have already ordered regarding preparation,” Pons said.

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