Nacho Ambrese denies his bad relationship with high-profile players in Toluca

Nacho Ambrese denies his bad relationship with high-profile players in Toluca

After a tie against Chivas striped from GuadalajaraIn the match of the 13th round of the Clausura Championship 2022, Igancio Ambrez presented the coach of the team Demons of Toluca RedSpeaking at a press conference, he categorically denied having any kind of bad relations with the players in his team.

This is after he made the decision to give more playing time to some of the youngsters on his team, and benches high-profile footballers like Alexis Canelo or Oscar Vanegas, with whom he allegedly sued.

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“I’ve never fought with a player, I have a way of being direct or frank and that annoys me, they hire me to make solutions and decisions, I can make mistakes, things didn’t go well, I had to make decisions to make changes, take the youngsters who were fresher and illusion of participation. And do their part.”

In addition, Ambrez admitted that Toluca has begun to rely on individual flashes from Uruguayan Leo Fernandez, a wake-up call to improve the team’s teamwork.

“I don’t like to rely on a player, Leo has that wealth, that balance to save us and there are more individual plays from him and we have to improve a lot; wanting to tie the game to win it, unfortunately it was like that until the end, but the team has to improve, in the intensity we are We increase more and more,” he noted.

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