Scottie Pippen shoots Jordan again

Scottie Pippen shoots Jordan again

Things between those who have been one of the most successful couples ever in basketball remain tense and In recent months, Scottie Pippen has been responsible for making the breakup even bigger with statements directed at Michael Jordan in a pretentious tone.

His ex-partner’s last darts were shot in an interview with Trashtalk Productions, There they asked him why he never had the chance to win the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Pepin did not hesitate in his answer, noting that those responsible for determining the winners did not take it into account:

“I think they were too busy watching Michael.”

Pippen has always been considered one of the best defensive linebackers in the NBA, in fact, he had 10 All-Defensive Team nominations., 8 of them went to the first team. But in his time he was facing men like Hakim Aliwan and Dikembe Mutombo David Robinson, Gary Payton or Joe Domars, even his partner Dennis Rodman.

It is true that Jordan monopolized the attention, but If Pippen didn’t win Defensive Player of the Year, we don’t think it was because the spotlight was only on 23rd place in Chicago.

For now, we leave you with Kobe Bryant analysis of Pippen’s defensive play.

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