Nacho Lozano’s days were numbered on Telemundo

Nacho Lozano’s days were numbered on Telemundo

It’s only been a few months since then “Nacho” by Lozano He left the Imagen Televisión forums with his show “De Pisa y Corre” to switch to Telemundo And join the program ‘Today’However, things did not seem to be going well.

According to “Gossip No Like,” the conductor would count the days in production, because someone was actually going to order “his head.”

The driver, Javier Siriani, also revealed some of his colleagues They are not happy with their role in the show, Additionally, users made several negative comments on social networks.

“They are actually asking for the head of Nacho Lozano So Grupo Imagen took it back. Whoever wants to wake up at seven in the morning to hear a man who does not live in this country tell you how bad this country is, “ The driver said.

Nacho Lozano has a similar section to his show, De Pisa y Corre, in which he criticizes the political situation in the United States.

Ceriani also pointed out The news anchor has some differences With his teammates, as is the case with journalist Arantxa Loizaga, who was annoyed with Lozano, because his name was not known.

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