They ask not to call the health centers to set an appointment for the vaccine

They ask not to call the health centers to set an appointment for the vaccine

Osasunbidea officials from the Navarra government appreciate the concern in the current target group of the vaccine to the point that phone lines even in health centers have become saturated on many occasions to make inquiries about vaccinations or request an appointment directly. In light of this situation, the Ministry of Health states that it is not necessary to contact health centers to request an appointment for vaccination, and it asks citizens to have peace of mind. Presently, the start of the appointment through SMS to get an online appointment was successful because it settled with the approximately 4,000 people (2,800 were already on Thursday only) who had already obtained an appointment to be vaccinated in some of the options available that were offered to them until Sunday from next week. But we must remember that these people are a very specific group: in Pamplona and Comarca, they are part of the total from 74 to 79 years old, and who receive an SMS on their cell phone so they can request an appointment, either through a web link to the Health page or via The phone to be indicated in the same message. If they don’t get the appointment within 72 hours, they’ll be called back in a few days.

People who do not have a cell phone and cannot send SMS and who are part of that group between the ages of 74 and 79 started calling on the phone yesterday. Salud will continue to be proactive in this regard. That is why they ask that health centers not be saturated with calls about vaccinations. If they do not receive a message on their mobile phone, they will not be able to get the appointment online because the option will not be activated for them.

In addition, to resolve doubts and inquiries about people who already had an appointment to receive the vaccine, the department activated the Infovac vaccination information phone number, 948370120. With this number, 9000 calls were received in 15 minutes last Thursday. It is a phone designed to manage accidents but most people use it to make an appointment, which would not be its correct use. This phone is open daily, including weekends, from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening. Due to the congestion due to the large number of consultations the service conducts, it has already been reinforced with employees from the other services to attend the corresponding three shifts. Likewise, it is possible to formulate doubts or inquiries about vaccination through emails [email protected] a [email protected]. Within two days, more than 1,500 emails containing inquiries and requests were received.

96% of over 80 years of age already have a dose Throughout this Friday and over the weekend, health continues to contact people 80 years of age or older who reside in Navarre who still need to be vaccinated. In this population, more than 96% received at least one dose. The Ministry of Health states that it will continue to re-catch fish that are still suspended.

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