Nacional scores another victory over Urunda Universitario and remains close to the final – Wake Up – 06/04/2021

Nacional scores another victory over Urunda Universitario and remains close to the final – Wake Up – 06/04/2021

This afternoon (19:00), there is a dispute over the second semi-final point in the key that measures National s University of Urundai And this is currently the three colors have been lifted after achieving victory in the first match of the series.

The ones he drives Leonardo Zilberstein They won 91-88 in a great match and with that duel as a precedent they made it to this match.

The feature gives a certain comfort to the three-color combination considering that it struck first and that victory might also leave it for a victory to enter into the great definition of Uruguayan Basketball League.

It should be borne in mind that the series, unlike in the overtime and quarter-finals, is played over five matches, and therefore the team that wins three matches will be the one that will reach the final of the competition being contested. In a special way in 2021.

It should be noted that the tricolor team will have very significant losses in this duel since then as well Esteban Batista s Charles MitchellWho has already lost the first game of the positive series COVID-19 from Devon Collier That he won’t be able to get out of the match this afternoon, and may even lose the next match as well.

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The losses of the first two weren’t a hindrance to a Tricolor’s victory in unlocking the key, but it could obviously be an advantage for a student who arrives with the intent of equalizing the chain and also getting excited about it. A place in the definition that it will be historical for who they are Hector da Pra.

Tonight they both play a lot at Biguá gym: University of Urundai The ability to match key and National Hit in two copies to be one step closer to ranking and winning a place to fight for the competition title.

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