Nacional, who was prevented from changing Collier, defines the bond with Biguá with a new battle against Laginestra

Nacional, who was prevented from changing Collier, defines the bond with Biguá with a new battle against Laginestra

On Monday, Nacional and Begua will play in the fifth and final final of the 2021 Uruguayan Basketball League In an exciting series and played very well but at the same time became a real healthy competition.

Devon Collier of Puerto Rican, a powerful striker for Nacional, was the latest injured player. On Saturday he did not play a single minute and Begua achieved a landslide victory (88-56) to exhaust the series.

What’s wrong with Collier? He suffered a knee injury and had a plate and CT scan done in the first place. On Sunday, as reported from Nacional to RuleMRI was performed, but no significant injury was found.

Without a major injury, the Nacional cannot request a medical committee to authorize a player change. The serious injury is the only reason why players from the semi-finals can be substituted.

Devon Collier, more outside than inside

“Regulatory choice of substitution hinges on the set of clinical studies,” They said from Nacional to Rule.

Nacional has dealt with the possibility of turning to a local player who did not play in the 2021 league or also requesting a member of the Uruguay team who has been training in Victoria before the Olympics since Monday last week. “There was no request for the technical team of the national team.”, they said to Rule from the bosom of heaven.

For that reason, Nacional will likely end up appealing to Collier after Monday’s intensive care unit. Doubt will be erased as to whether the player will not be in good standing before 21:00.

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Collier’s injury was added to Santiago Molia’s broken hand and Marcel Soberbeli’s torn ligaments at Nacional. In game four, Carlos Cabezas ended up feeling the right shoulder and on Saturday he was just 11’37” on the field.

In addition, Esteban Batista and Charles Mitchell missed three matches in the semi-final against Urundai Universitario due to COVID-19 and Collier missed two matches for the same reason. The first final was played against Biguá with the discharge recently granted and he struggled a lot on board.

Bebo Vidal, Baja Sensible

Begua, for his part, lost in the third final to Santiago “Bebo” Vidal for the remainder of the series due to a severe ankle sprain. Despite the fact that Villa Biarritz’s team is more complete, the base is almost half a team in Pato due to the type of player he is.

The game, like almost the entire competition, will take place at Biguá Stadium.

Lagynestra said he was “provocated”

In the final on Saturday, when the match was long over for Begua, Pato coach Hernan Lagenstra received a cross again against the other side.

In the first final was against Esteban Batista who started coaching Begua in pre-season but was not appointed later because according to DT he “did not adapt to the plan of action”.

Hernan Lagenstra and Santiago Vidal

At the end of the last quarter on Saturday, Laginestra heard something from the Nacional bench, reacted and when Biguá scored he insulted the opponent’s bench.

Batista, Zilberstein and Alejandro Sanchez Varela

Judge Alejandro Sanchez Varela whistled at the two banks for a technical error.

When the match was over, Leonardo Zilbersstein, DT of Nacional, went to salute Lagenstra, hit him with his fist and said a few words but the Argentine played ignorance and didn’t answer him.

Later, in statements to VTV, DT of Biguá announced: “I suffered from the provocation,” but did not specify who the instigator was: “I am not here to send anyone to the front,” he said.

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