NASA warns of massive darkening due to solar storm

NASA warns of massive darkening due to solar storm

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The past July 3 They found a Large solar expansion And more recently NASA The event announced that the sun was leaving and now moving fast Land, A fact that can create interference in communication networks.

The Government agency From United States Says the solar storm is heading towards Earth At 1.6 million kilometers, Increasing number.

This event was described as a ‘Solar wind stream High speed ‘, and they expect it to reach the wind figures 500 kilometers per second.

In the meantime he Space Weather Forecast Center (SWPC) Of United States Damage caused by a solar storm is a “Wide area darkening HF Radio Communications’ in an estimated time of one hour.

This will not be the first time such an event has been brief Radio blackout On top of that Land, Now it will be more. It was a strong solar flare, which found service NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

The solar storm was created from a spot on the star of the so-called king AR2838 In the early hours of July 3, they are classified X 1.5 For him SWPC. The tenth standard It has very intense combustion and the number is proportional to its strength.

Satellites in the upper atmosphere Land Are disturbed, which can affect the settings GPS, Cell phone signal and Satellite television, With the possibility of electrical networks.

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