Amico Hoops Radio: Cavs’ present, and future

Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers have won four straight Eastern Conference titles.

What are the Cleveland Cavaliers suddenly doing right? When will Isaiah Thomas debut? What to make of Tristan Thompson’s return?

I joined Andy Baskin and Jeff Phelps of 92.3 The Fan to discuss that and more. Listen to our Cavs chat below.

2 Comments on "Amico Hoops Radio: Cavs’ present, and future"

  1. Tristan thompson’s game built on energy, intensity, and focus of out working the opponent has lost his edge. He is relegated to a useless player where he is prone to injury, declining rebounding, slow and lethargic, moves roboticaly and the opposition does not even guard him as his offensive low post game has deteriorated.
    With several more years on his substantial contract along with his apparent fall off in performance the cavaliers are stuck with an albatross.

  2. Would be nice to get either Deandre Jordan or Marc Gasol around the deadline. I also really wish we could get Delly back. He’s exactly what we need in a reserve guard role for certain defensive matchups. None of the guards we currently have can defend the smaller opposing guards. But maybe acquiring a legit rim protecting center would help with that issue. No matter who we get in return for Thompson, it will be like a breath of fresh air just to get the Kardashian Circus out of town, and rid Cleveland of the curse for good.

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