NBA: Ben Simmons Drama: Broken, Don’t Play, and Train with the College Team

NBA: Ben Simmons Drama: Broken, Don’t Play, and Train with the College Team

Thea tensin entre Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers Far from softening after the Australian Guard Apply to move during last summer He refused to train with the team, arguing that he was not mentally ready to return to his former teammates.

Now the situation has taken a new turn and could end with the All-Star Ranger back in action due to force majeure. according to Journalist Howard Eskin The cost of Simmons’ Rebellion is too high and that’s guaranteedAl-Qaeda began to have serious financial problems For his high spending level and zero income, after the Sixers refused to pay him until he reverted to team discipline.

Embiid-Simmons, the link that rocks the NBA

According to sources close to the player and very reliable, Simmons are running out of cash in their accounts. He loses a lot of money because he doesn’t get in and keeps spending.”, says the journalist who reported that the player had already stopped earning more than eight million dollars and that he had already received a $360,000 fine from The Sixers for refusing to train.

He spends money like nothing because he thinks it will never end, but people around him are already talking about serious cash flow problems.

“Maybe now he should come back because Running out of money. He owns two homes in Philadelphia that are worth between $8 and $9 million. A new car is purchased each month for $400,000 or $500,000. Eskin says about Ben Simmons who earned over 57 million dollars in his NBA career and what In 2019, he signed a contract with the Sixers for more than $170 million.

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Working with university students

While his future is being decided the Simmons, who doesn’t train with the Sixers for not preparing his head for it, He keeps fit by working with the team at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia, which also sparked a furore among Sixers fans, who don’t understand why he couldn’t train with his team and yes, the Hawks.

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