Potro Gutierrez denies working with young people Mediotempo

Potro Gutierrez denies working with young people Mediotempo

a Raul “Potro” Gutierrez Ranked as a coach who specializes in working with young players, a consistent idea that comes from the title in FIFA U-17 World Cup Mexico 2011gold in Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014 and the 2015 CONCACAF Olympic Qualifiers; However, the technician said half time that this is not its main characteristic,

“It’s not about me Working with young peopleAnd the This is an urban legend. At Ascenso, when I was called to the national teams, I worked with Joaquín Del Olmo and the idea was to target the first division, but they gave me the option to be in the national team and I just did my jobas you should do: strive to be a champion with any team.”

they Getting to Cruz Azul He came through the U-20 class, although his goal was always to start The ambition of the first team: “Now that I got here, with Sub-20, it was like that Prepare the players For the first section, because one knows the requirements that are required. That was the first mission, but circumstances put us on the other side. The big clubs are armed from three points of view: international with Big name playersthen with national players And the third part with home players. This is the formula for a great enterprise We are looking for her blue cross“.

Cruz Azul quarry

In fact ferris wheel There are U-20 players who join the first team’s needs, such as Rafael GuerreroAnd the Joshua DiazAnd the Jorge GarciaMiguel Cecina or Louis Iturbide; The items that El Potro wants to continue to hone rather than just move up the category for a good tournament or two outstanding matches.

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warrior s Rodrigo Huesca They are the players he has as examples in the process basic forces To the first team, the elements that are part of the restructuring they want to do in La Maquina: “You have to Keep searching and refining that talentI think they are a good example of the work that has been done; have Five players go up. There is a lot of work to be done to restructure which is mentioned a lot, today people can get confused about it, boys need a process to develop and today we are trying to find the midpoint so that there are players like Huescas or Guerrero. They are processes that we have to go through and gain experience.”

ready to press

Given the doubts that arose when he was appointed as a temporary coach at blue cross (after the dismissal of Diego Aguirre), Gutierrez You are He sent a message to his critics: Has experience in bearing pressure.

“We had a path worthy of being here today. That trip you took puts us on this stage and We are more than ready to do that. It’s a responsibility one has, backed by all those years of experience. Sometimes people think so cocky oneBut it’s not like that, we’ve had scenarios in international tournaments where you get killed or killed, we live it in a very positive way and now we’re in a team like blue cross We feel like fish in the water. We want more to play better and connect with the fans.”

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