NBA legend who claims Montero's 1996 EuroLeague ban was legal

NBA legend who claims Montero's 1996 EuroLeague ban was legal

There are stories in sports that never die or even age, immune to the validity or freshness of emotions over time, as if everything happened yesterday. This applies to both good and bad memories, as well as the deep pain that collie birds feel when they remember the illegal hat. Stojan Frankovic to Jose Antonio Montero Barcelona was denied victory in the Euroleague in the 1996 final against Panathinaikos (67-66).

There are also opinions that do not expire, Dominic Wilkins The 13-year-old continues, insisting that the action of Frankovic in the final action of the match which prevented the Blaugrana from taking the initiative and was legal was good. MD caught up with the NBA legend and former player Panathinaikos At All Star and had the opportunity to test whether the American had backed down.

but not.

Not only that, but it is still believed that the referees' victim in that final was not the Greek team, but Barcelona.

“How do I remember Frankovic's block in Monteiro? I remember that the referee was cheating and that we won the game with the tackle at the end of the game. That's what I remember,” said Wilkins, who answered the question with grace despite his urgency.

“The ban was definitely legal!” The attacker stated forcefully before leaving.

Wilkins, present Vice President of Basketball Operations From Atlanta, he reaffirmed his opinion after asserting in 2013 that the block occurred before the ball even touched the rim or backboard. However, after an official protest from FC Barcelona,… International Basketball Federation He realized the referee's mistake without it helping to change the result or ease the pain of the blows.

Despite a highly polished résumé that includes nine All-Star appearances, two dunk slam titles and an all-time leading scorer title, Dominique Wilkins has never won an NBA title. However, the former Hawks, Clippers, Celtics, Spurs And Charm He largely removed his sting with the 1996 EuroLeague, in which he was also named Final Four MVP.

Dominique Wilkins is the Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Atlanta Hawks

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Aito Garcia Renesis He was a coach of Barca with other brilliant players like Arturas Karnisovas, Ferran Martinez and Dan Godfried against Panathinaikos with other historical players in his team like Fragiskos Alvertis. bozirar maljković, The former coach of the Catalan team, who won the second final match of the most prestigious continental competition after winning it in 1990 with the Catalan team. Gogoplastica. To make matters worse, Barcelona also lost the 1991 final to the Croatian national team and the Balkan coach was on the bench.

Still 28 years In retrospect, the Barcelona diocese does not like to remember the shock of 1996 at a time when Barcelona, ​​as with football before, had to deal with the anxiety of being European champions for the first time. but Dominic Wilkins He continues to taste it, and despite his good humor, he flaunts that painful lump that Montero had.

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