NBA Playoffs 2021: Three stories to watch Match 4 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers | Argentina

NBA Playoffs 2021: Three stories to watch Match 4 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers | Argentina

Game 4 of Any Tie is always the most important since it is the equator of the series because, depending on how the previous duels took place, it allows one team to get 3-1 or the other to tie the total 2-2, stirring up to the end. At that point they meet The Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers With a score of 2-1 in favor of Texas after Ty Lue’s men were able to win the third game, practically preventing the locals from gaining a final advantage.

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The match will start in 3:30 in Spain, 22:30 in Argentina and 20:30 in CDMX, It can be followed through the league’s official broadcast platform, NBA League Pass, And you can Subscribe here.

Here are 3 main points to follow in the decision Game 4 between Mavs and Clippers.

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1 – Will Kohi and George maintain the offensive level?

The superstar pairing of LA Clippers was saving in the third game in the series, providing furniture to Californians and living up to expectations. Tyronn Lue offensive modifications maximized its advantages Paul George Y Kawhi Leonard, It was impossible to stop him for his opponents who did a great job in the rest of the team but it wasn’t the same with the forwards. Both have been combined 65 of 118 Los Angeles points from 24 of 35 shots from field (68%)Very high level of proficiency it would be difficult to maintain at Game 4.

Rick Carlisle’s Mavs have been ranked over the years as one of the teams that knows best how to read the series between games, tweaking their game plan based on what the competitor has to offer and exploiting their shortcomings to their own advantage.

The key to Kawhi and PG’s success was in the ring where he was Two achieved 9 out of 10 hits, as well as in the painted area with 4 attempts out of 6. Indoor defense in Dallas would have to find a way to mitigate the star’s effectiveness, which might favor shooting shooters, which is very dangerous given the Clippers’ performance from a distance.

2 – Doncic questionable. Are there alternatives then?

During the amazing performance of Luca Doncic in the third game, where he scored 44 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, The Slovenian suffered a penalty, a major muscle setback that could seriously punish his performance for the remainder of the series. Player Mavs are listed as questionable (50% play chance), which in his absence will increase the Clippers’ chances of winning.

“I think he’s going to play, but we’ll see. When someone is in question, what he generally means is that they have more options to play than otherwise in most cases.” Rick Carlisle emphasized the Slovenian. “It was strange, not how to evaluate it. I received treatment, rest and hope to be healthy.”The player himself added.

Despite its availability, the 22-year-old’s performance could be drastically diminished by discomfort with illness, something Mafs’ others, given his brutal 40.8% use, should be pushing to advance. A question that seems to indicate it has been the tiebreaker since only after Dunsic Tim Hardaway Junior offers a high score in line with the superstar 20.3 points per night.

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However, the Clippers will try to continue inviting the former Real Madrid player to continue scoring and enjoy the great scoring nights, while the Californians will try to disrupt the rest of the group.. “Doncic had the ball in his hands for 90% of the match, and he would direct each game and make the rest better.” Tae Lu mentioned. “We want to try to get him a scorer and try to nullify the rest. We still have a mission to do that and I think our last game was a step forward.”

This strategy was particularly appreciated in Game 3 in Fig Kristaps poringis, Who had only 9 points on 3 of 10 shots from the field, as well as Hardaway Junior with 12 points in 4 of 14 attempts. Will Texas be able to follow their star?

3- Dallas and a historic opportunity

last chance Which Dallas Dissenters He won the playoff round aCaparone dedicate themselves Champions From the NBA. Although this milestone is unlikely to be repeated in this cycle, they do have the option to go to the semi-finals of the conference, or at least they have high chances of making it happen.

With a 2–1 advantage in the series and playing the fourth home game for Rick Carlisle They have a favorable context for victory and a 3-1 position, A gap that was usually wide enough to close the move to the next stage of post-season.

To achieve this, Dallas will have to control production in paint, which is one of his offensive failures in this course, as well as maintain the major external success that was noticeable in the previous duel (20 of 39). In addition, they need to set the direction of Ragon Rondo who played a key role in the Clippers’ victory as the ball distributor and offensive resource for Cohé and George.

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